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Get 500 Rs weekly plan for the whole week requirement delivered daily or thrice in a week at doorstep or 1900 Rs monthly plan for the month requirement of fruits & vegetables

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Fresh Fruits & Vegetables grown under best management practices having low residual and high nutritive value

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Get best quality Fruits & Vegetables at almost half the market price every tuesday

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Good quality fresh fruits, vegeatbles & Groceries grown in farm by good management practices

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About Us

As early at the 1920s, some chain grocers were experimenting with consolidated (albeit still rather small) stores that featured at least a small selection of fresh fruits and produce along with the dry grocery items. In Delhi, Groceries was expanding into much larger stores than had been seen before in most of the country.


                    We had established the farm@doorstep with the aim of providing the quality farm produce(fruits, vegetables & Groceries) at very convenient rates at doorstep.


To provide the customer wide range of choice of farm produce under its own brand and provide the Indian consumer world class service ultimately leading to customer delightment.
To be a market leader in Fruits, vegetables and grocery business in direct supply by cutting the middle-man chain and directly benefiting the consumer and farmer.
To provide world class quality in fruits & vegetables to our end consumer by minimizing the cycle time.
To minimize the cost escalation at different level and benefiting the end urban consumer and farmers.
To provide service at door step at minimal cost.
Processing & Grading of Farm produce as per consumer needs & demands and create demand for graded and processed produce in mean time among Indian consumers.
To develop cold chain end-to-end and to provide complete solution for freshness of the produce up to the end consumer.
To develop small cold chain in city to avoid wastages in F&V business post operation and increase the shelf life and profitability.(even after mandi and DC operation, wastage is around 15-20%).
To provide the Indian Consumer complete differentiated shopping experience by benefiting the Farmer leading to happiness at both end.


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