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  • Capsicum green

Known as "Shimla-mirch", Capsicums have characteristic bell shape with crunchy, thick fleshy texture, having very less pungency that ranges from zero to very minimal hotness. 

Capsicums should be well shaped and have skins which are firm and shiny. Avoid those with soft spots or a shrivelled appearance.

Capsicums are a good source of vitamin C and a source of vitamin B6 and folate

Capsicum is great for metabolism. The nutrients in these tangy vegetables lower triglycerides in the fat deposits in blood corpuscles. This not only burns extra calories, but also energizes the metabolism.

A rich source of vitamin A and C, capsicum also has antioxidant properties. These antioxidants combat the free radicals in the body and treat cardiac diseases, cataract, bronchial asthma and osteoarthritis.

The capsaicin compound in capsicum can block the transmission of pain to the spinal cord from the skin. Thus, including capsicum in meals is good for those undergoing post-operative amputation trauma and herpes.

The same compound, capsaicin is believed to prevent cancer. This compound prevents carcinogens from mixing with the DNA.

Capsicum has blood clotting properties. Vitamin C in capsicum can melt away the blood clots.

Capsaicin in capsicum can combat food-borne bacteria from affecting the body.

Capsicum is also used to make a kind of cream, which is used to treat arthritis and shingles.

Capsicum is also said to aid digestion by increasing stomach secretions. It is also known for its laxative qualities.

Capsicum is also used to treat chronic rhinitis.

Low in fat, cholesterol and calories, capsicum is so much more than just a flavoring agent.

Capsicums are ethylene sensitive, so they should not be stored near ethylene-producing food such as pears or apples. Store Capsicum in plastic bags and they will keep up to five days in the refrigerator.

Aaloo capsicum,

Stuffed capsicum

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Capsicum green

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