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  • Bitter gourd

The Bitter Gourd is characterized by smooth lengthwise ridges and uneven pebbly surface, tapering at ends covered with blunt tubercles. Immature pods are light to dark green and have oblong or oval shapes with a pointed tip at the blossom end. Internally, the flesh is white with rough edged seeds, somewhat similar to ridge gourd seeds. As the fruits begin to mature, they gradually turn yellow or orange or red

                                             The needs of phosphorous in human body are fulfilled by regular use of bitter gourd is invigorating and keeps. It purifies blood, activates spleen and liver and is highly beneficial in diabetes.

Select firm, unblemished gourds that are from 5-12 inches in length. Choose gourd which is still green for a bitterer flavour and a yellow orange for a milder taste

Fat free, saturated fat free, cholesterol free, sodium free and an excellent source of vitamin C

Vegetable very low in calories providing just 17 calories per 100 g.

Containes polypeptide-P a plant insulin

Fresh pods are an excellent source of folates, contains about 72ug/100g

Fresh bitter gourd is an excellent source of vitamin C

100gm of raw provides 84mg of vitamin C

It is an excellent source of health benefiting flavonoids such as ß-carotene, α-carotene, lutein, and zea-xanthin. It also contains a good amount of vitamin A.

It purifies bloodactivates spleen and liver and is highly beneficial in diabetes.

• Diabetes :    Contains  phyto-nutrient, polypeptide-P; a plant insulin, designated as 'plant-insulin', found highly beneficial in lowering the blood and urine sugar levels.

 Piles : Juice of the fresh leaves of bitter gourd is valuable in piles.

 Blood Disorder : Bitter gourd is highly beneficial in the treatment of blood disorders like blood boils,  scabies, itching, psoriasis, ring-worm and other fungal diseases.

 Respiratory Disorder : Bitter gourd plant roots are used in folk medicine for respiratory disorders from ancient times.

 Alcoholism : Leaf juice is beneficial in the treatment of alcoholism.

 Cholera : Fresh juice of leaves of bitter gourd is also an effective medicine in early stages of cholera and other types of diarrhoea during summer.

  Blood Disorders ,Psoriasis, Respiratory disorders & Toxemia

Store bitter gourd loose in a paper or plastic bag in the refrigerator for 3 to 5 days. Slice the gourd immediately before use

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Bitter gourd

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