Free delivery
Free delivery

Payment Policy

Payment can be done via

i.                    Credit Cards,

ii.                   Debit Cards and

iii.                  Net Banking.

1.       We accept COD (Cash On Delivery) only for Dwarka & Gurgaon.

2.       Our payment system online is totally safe and hack proof.

3.       None of the card details are shared with any third party.

4.       We don’t charge any additional transaction fee on card payments.

5.       No EMI facility is available.

However presently we are doing cash on delivery and for exclusive customers accepting cheques/cash in advance to get the discount in this.



Credit Card/Debit Card Details

The Credit Card/Debit Card details provided to Green World Experience Pvt Ltd. by the customer will not be shared with any third party. In case of fraudulent matters, the company holds the right to share the details with the concerned body for verification. The customer shall not under any circumstance use a credit/debit card that is not lawfully owned by him. The customer is hence requested to provide only valid and accurate card details.

Fraudulent Transactions

If any fraud transactions are carried by any of the customers on the website, Green World Experience Pvt Ltd reserves the right to recover all the losses and expenses incurred like lawyer fees, collection charges, etc from the concerned party. The company also holds the right to take legal action against such person.